Advertising is dead

“Advertising is dead,” said the man, before taking a giant swig from his coffee cup. To emphasise this point he jerked his thumb towards his computer screen. On it was a huge picture of a gravestone with Advertising R.I.P written across it.

As I hastily kicked my portfolio (before it was retired) under the chair, I thought the guy had a point.
Only that morning an ad van had trundled past me on Byres Road. The headline on it read: Poundland. Everything’s a Pound. And just to make sure the good people of Glasgow understood this, there were some badly photographed products that had £1 slapped beside them.

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And welcome to my brand new website.

A few weeks ago, I went along to a Ladies, Design and Wine evening at Suisse (big thanks to ilka for organising this). The idea was that we presented our portfolios to each other and received constructive feedback. It soon became apparent I was the only one in the room with an A3 print portfolio. I’m forever grateful the ladies managed not to stare and point at me. Had the wine not flowed, I would have rushed to the Kelvingrove Museum and climbed into one of the glass cases. Exhibit A: Copywriter with non-digital portfolio. Rare beast. Possibly the last one in Scotland.

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