Whatever next?

Safe sex. Shampoo for the over forties. Ice cream. Asset management. Soup. Teacakes. Coffee. Paper. Newspapers. Fishing equipment. Cruises. Travel magazines. Insurance. Tea. Chocolate biscuits. Solicitors. Places of historical interest. Beer. Energy companies. Laundry powder. Universities. Double glazing. Whisky. Blood donation. Organ donations. Charity donations. Alzheimer’s. Mental health organisations. The government. Local city councils. Sweets. Child adoption. Cars. A radio station. Department stores. Travel agents. Lawyers. Waterproof mascara. Wellingtons. Drugs. Scottish rugby. Jewellers. Auctioneers. An iron. A physiotherapist. Washing machines. Body sprays. Body oil. Research companies. Chocolate. Book shops. Car wax. Macaroni. Festival shows. An international conference centre. Marine training. Estate Agents. House Builders. Restaurants. A ferry company. Shopping centres. Good parenting. The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Hairdressers. Furniture stores. Dental floss. Investment management. Kitchen sinks. These are just a few examples of the businesses, services and products I have worked on. Whatever next?