Redesigning the business of advertising

Cindy Gallop is one heck of a lady. Former BBH chairman and founder of IfWeRanTheWorld and Make Love not Porn, she spoke at the Changing Advertising Summit in 2012. What she had to say was remarkable. It still is remarkable. This talk is not just gold dust for anyone who works in the advertising industry – it’s relevant to clients too. From new business models (shared values + shared action = shared social and financial profit) to nuggets about what consumers really want; this is a real eye opener. Here is how we can all keep up and shape the future in the process.

A simple test to check if your ads are working

Dave Trott’s latest blog was fantastic. It was about a man called Bob Levinson. He was head of copy at Doyle Dane Bernbach, which created some of the world’s most iconic advertising. Bob Levinson knew what made a great ad. He said, “If you look at an ad and fall in love with the brilliance of it, try taking the product out of it. If you still love the ad, it’s no good. Don’t make your ad interesting; make your product interesting.

Here’s an ad that passes the Bob Levinson test.

You can find Dave Trott’s post ‘Why it’s wrong to like an ad‘ at Well worth a read.