The wonderful world of Brahma beer and Fram oil filters.

I’m clearly not the only one beginning to find GIFs annoying. Now it’s hard to get through the day without seeing permanently twitching cats or a horrendous car smash replaying over and over again. Thank goodness I’m such a technophobe, I wouldn’t have a clue how to attach one here, so for now this will be a GIF-free zone. Except for the ad below. It’s excellent. Excellent. Excellent. OK, I’ll stop right there.

How I love Jonathan Banks – I think he’s got to be one of my favourite actors. You’ll recognise him from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. He’s now starring in Fran oil filter ads as ‘Frampa’ and teaching a new generation of DIY enthusiasts to do right by their car. And just when I was thinking I’ve not seen a decent TV ad in ages. Watch out for their strapline, it’s catchy.