The beginner’s guide to copywriting

It was my absolute pleasure to talk to Ladies, Design and Wine about copywriting in September. Ladies, Design and Wine is a fabulous opportunity for women to meet up, network, support each other and share valuable skills in Glasgow. I only wish there had been a group like this when I was starting out – females working in creative departments in the early nineties were extremely rare creatures.

We crammed a heck of a lot into one evening: brand values, tone of voice, standing out from the crowd, engaging with your audience and converting readers into customers. Plus my top tips, which come from nearly 30 years working in advertising. (Trust me, they’re simple yet guaranteed to work.)

I felt so fired up after the talk, it got me thinking – perhaps I could help others out there? Are you self-employed and struggling with what you should be saying about your company, product or service? Could a few of you in the office do with brushing up on your copywriting skills? Even if it’s just for a morning, I’m available for hire, so please do get in touch for a chat.