Meet Twister.

It is a big deal when you first get to hold your book in your hands. It is a product of sheer, bloody hard work and determination. It symbolises some of the happiest moments I’ve ever had and some of the darkest ones too. It is sitting in front of me because along the way, people and organisations – such as the amazing Scottish Book Trust, took the time to help, train, support and cheer me on. And, of course, I was lucky enough to find my creative champion, Polly Nolan – without her, this book would still be a stack of loose pages I’d be jotting shopping lists down on.

Thanks to Scholastic and the fabulous Lauren Fortune, the editing process was an enjoyable one where I learned so much. (If I’d known how much work was involved I might have given up at the first hurdle.) Writing books is not for the faint hearted.

I can’t believe something that has rattled around my head for years has been illustrated in such a beautiful and vibrant way. Ever the art director, I LOVE the typeface! A huge thanks to the designer, Sean Williams, and to the artist and printmaker, Alexis Snell.

Twister launches on 1st February. Here is a link to a terrific review that made my heart sing and me ready to start the whole process all over again for my next novel.