Irresistible, warm and fierce as a summer storm: it’s Twister.


Thank you to the wonderful children, teachers and bloggers who have taken the time to read and write reviews about Twister. And I didn’t even have to offer up one bribe. Honest.

This story takes you on a journey of emotions. If you were to use it in English lessons, it would be a great text to challenge your class. If just used as a class story, all would enjoy.” Sophie Bartlett, Year 6 teacher, Rivermead Primary School, Berkshire.

Twitter is as irresistible, warm and fierce as a summer storm and many a young reader will dream of having her bravery and strength. A book not to be missed.” Linda Lawlor, The Bookbag.

After reading this book, I see the world as a place to be free, to be wild, to be yourself.” Eliza Varga, Year 6, Rivermead Primary School, Berkshire.

Twister is a fantastic, all-action adventure with thrills, chills and mystery aplenty, and with an inspirational heroine who is gutsy, fierce and loyal, and more than ready to tackle her enemies, whether they come from the real world or places of fantasy and magic. Gritty, exciting, inspirational… and not to be missed!” PNorfolk Book Reviews.

An original, powerful story which mixes magic and at times brutal reality, ‘Twister’ is a compelling read. Twister herself is an intriguing character, loyal and spirited. Her voice is beautifully captured, with her dry commentary on the actions of those around and her wonderful turn of phrase.” North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award.

Sharp as a pin, brave as a bear and kind, loyal and clever as you could hope, Twister would give Hermione Granger, Lyra Belacqua and Scout Finch a run for their money.” Scoop the Mag.

I would recommend it to adult readers, because then they can learn and understand about young children’s problems and feelings.” Shruthi Moka, Year 6, Rivermead Primary School, Berkshire.