Badly Drawn Girl dscf0075I thought I was good at drawing. That was until I enrolled in a class at Glasgow School of Art. When the life model caught a glimpse of what was on my easel, she threw her clothes on and left. Never in her career of nudity had anyone insulted her that much. With a heavy heart and charcoal-covered hands, I realised my days at the art school were over. That’s when I decided to join the Words in Progress class at Glasgow University, taken by the writer Ian MacPherson. The combination of a brilliant teacher, a lively room full of gobshites and the fear of a deadline started me off on a long and winding road that has lead to me finishing my first children’s book. I am going to be writing about my journey (which I am still very much on) in the hope that it will help encourage others. It is a tough industry to get in to and I have no idea what the future holds in store for me. But funnily enough this was exactly the same situation I was in when I started out in advertising. I guess I like a good challenge.