Bute Fabrics

It’s always brilliant to see the end result of a project you’re really excited about. I hopped on to the ferry and visited Bute Fabrics last year. I was absolutely blown away by the textiles with their vibrant colours and bold textures; each and every design influenced by the island’s stunning scenery and ever-changing seascapes. Far from relying on the romanticism of their past, their eyes are firmly fixed on the future. Bute Fabrics may be located on a Scottish island, but their customers are leading architects and interior designers from all around the world. Because these natural textiles are so durable, they are perfect for auditoria and large-scale projects such as airport lounges. The website was designed by Graphical House and the flexible sets custom-built by Derek Welsh. Reuben Paris took the stunning shots. I’ve not worked with a textile company before, so it was a great challenge to pitch the copy just right. The feedback from their customers has been terrific and I’m really looking forward to see what new projects and collaborations happen for them in 2017.