Hello, Hello… It’s Juliette the Copywriter

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I’m on a big new business push at the moment: networking, reconnecting with old contacts and cold calling advertising/design agencies in the hope that someone will be so enchanted by my portfolio, they’ll agree to meet up for a chat. It’s daft, I know, but I’m always really nervous talking to companies who don’t have a clue who I am. Armed with a bottle of Calms, I started working my way through a Top Ten list of agencies I’d love to freelance with. My heart raced. My mouth dried. I even managed a good stammer or two. It took me back to the days of having to read out aloud in class, which was about the most nerve-wracking thing you could do and lead to all sorts of nervous ticks and spectacular mispronunciations.

I’m happy to report the Calms are now in the bin. I’ve chatted to and met up with some fantastic people. And, as a result, I’m very excited about some new projects that are currently in the pipeline. I’m thoroughly surprised to say I enjoyed flaunting my wares – so much so, it became slightly addictive. The good news is I’m down to only one new business call a day now. So watch out, if your phone starts ringing, it could be me.