There’s more to this Copywriter than meets the eye

Talk to me about what I do job-wise and you might be in for a few surprises. Some people automatically assume I spend hours hunched over my laptop writing websites. It happens, but there is so much more to my job than this.

I work on pitches. Not football ones; the-winning-new-business-with-exciting-creative-ideas ones. I provide adcepts for tenders. Of course, I write advertising campaigns. I direct voice over artists in radio commercials, work with photographers on shoots and collaborate with TV directors on set. Armed with a dictaphone, I’m a marvel at winkling information out of reluctant interviewees for magazine articles. I fire fight. Not often. But it can happen. If an agency runs out of time and needs assistance with the creative for a client presentation, who do they call? Well, me.

I help start-up businesses eke out what sets them apart from the competition and make sure their company has a distinctive tone of voice. I craft creative rationales and bullet point not-to-be-messed-with brand guidelines.

I can do rough scamps for presentations, like the one above. This was for a hairdresser to put on all of his mirrors, including one just outside the salon.

My favourite job? Coming up with company straplines. Can’t get enough of it really. Well, this and press ads. You’ve got to love a great headline.